Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cats at MAPPAR: Midwest Animal and Pot-Bellied Pig Rescue

Today, I visited MAPPAR, Midwest Animal and Pot-Bellied Pig Rescue, which is about an hour north of Madison. It was the first time I've been there, and somehow, despite the name, I was surprised to learn that they have animals other than pot-bellied pigs! My friend Betsy and I were there to visit two older dogs, Cap and Winnie, who recently went to live at MAPPAR after their human, our friend Helene passed away. Of course, while Betsy hung out with the dogs, I had to go and see the cats. I didn't bring a camera today, but I wanted to share photos from the MAPPAR website of some of the cats there who are available for adoption:

This is Ms. Kitty. A fine and queenly little tortoiseshell who is front declawed, she waited until I peeled the other cats off my lap and came over to her.

Floyd is a beautiful boy, probably a Siamese mix. He was more than happy to pile on my lap with two other cats, and didn't even mind when he ended up on the bottom of the pile.

Silver Fox looks alot like Floyd, but is darker and a little bolder. He loved being petted, and gave kisses, too.

These are all older cats, who aren't as easy to find homes for. After having fostered a kitten for only three days and nights recently, I'm inclined to say that unless you've got as much energy as a kitten, an older cat is probably going to be a better companion!

MAPPAR is trying to raise more funds to build a bigger, better cat building than the one they have. Although that one is pretty good, full of treats, toys, cat trees, places to hide, etc., they would like to have one with an outdoor area for the cats, like this:

Please visit the MAPPAR website (click on the title of this post) to find out more about adopting an animal (if you live in southern Wisconsin), or to make a donation to help care for them and finish the new cat building (no matter where you live!). I hope to go to MAPPAR again this weekend with a camera and lots of cat treats, and I'll post more photos after that visit.

(Posted by Marina)


Vic Robinson said...

Those kitties are soooo cute!

wingraclaire said...

How about updating this awesome blog?

Vic Robinson said...

I have seen that film. There was surprisingly several veggie spots in SLC. The fried chicken was seitan. It was very good. The texture was a bit tough but the taste was great!

Marina and Steve said...

Marina here... Okay, okay, it's been a busy summer, but I'll try to put a post together today. Reading about and seeing the fabulous photos of Claire, Vic, Andrea and Tara's cooking always inspires me to try something---if there's enough sun today, maybe my first solar oven-baked pizza? :)

Somehow, I hadn't realized that we can leave comments on our own I've never replied to any before! Apologies if anyone has wondered about that. While Steve apparently can communicate telepathically with computers, I am more of the T. Herman Zweibel Luddite type, still needing assistance when borrowing someone's damnable new-fangled cell phone, grumble, grumble...