Saturday, December 19, 2009

A holiday letter to send Heifer International

Their programs might look good at first glance (to a non-vegan, anyway), but there's nothing animal friendly or even sustainable about Heifer International, or any of the other "animal gift" schemes popularly given as holiday presents. You might like to send this letter, too. Feel free to use this one, or edit it to suit your own writing style.


Heifer International
P.O. Box 8058
Little Rock, AK 72203-8058

Dear Heifer International,

I am writing to ask that you please remove my name from your mailing list, and that any gift donations given in my name be refused.

For over 50 years, vegetarian organizations and animal advocates have criticized farming animals as inefficient, expensive and environmentally destructive, and livestock donations as especially inhumane and ineffective in fighting poverty as well as being environmentally unsound. Animal gift schemes seek to persuade people of the poor world that their best nutritional interests are served by buying into modern farmed animal production processes, but with that comes an addiction to high capital input systems, additional stress on precious water supplies, environmental destruction, a loss of control over the means of production, bad health, cruelty to animals, and more human poverty and malnourishment.

The "donation" of animals to other countries amounts to nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to spread dairy and meat consumption to new parts of the world, with detrimental consequences for the health of those nations and disastrous consequences for the animals. Many recipients of gift animals are unable to feed them to maturity, let alone feed and raise any offspring, and all farmed animals require large quantities of water, shelter from extremes, and veterinary care, resources typically in short supply in impoverished areas.

I hope that Heifer International will consider restructuring itself to join in reforestation efforts instead of bringing a cruel, unhealthy, environmentally destructive diet to cultures that are primarily vegetarian and creating a nightmare animal welfare scenario.

Please remove my name from your mailing list, and do not process any gift donations given in my name. Thank you.



Greenconsciousness said...

Thank You

They have nauseated me for years. I do not believe they are a legitimate org.I think someday we will be reading about them ripping off the money people donate.

Marina and Steve said...

Here's a good site for those wanting to read and know more about this issue:,
including an article called "Why the Heifer Project is Not Compatible with UU Ideals of Compassion." As the site says, (referring specifically to the "gifting" of goats): "The whole premise of this project and those like it -- which mirror the larger dairy-industry system that impregnates goats and cows, kills and sells their babies as "lamb" and "veal," and steals the milk -- is to benefit human families by outright tormenting nonhuman families." Thanks, and blessings to you, Greenconsciousness...

VeganMom said...


Re: our craft night
Not a kit. I got two chipboard (heavy, unbendable cardboard) photo albums--one shaped like an xmas tree & one like a snowperson. They were in the $1 section, and each album had five pieces of shaped chipboard, so for $2 I had enough for ten people (and I only needed 8. All of the paper, ribbons, beads, buttons, etc., are just from my crafting/art stash. I'm cheap, so I'm always keeping my eye out for stuff like that. :) I'm already looking around for ideas/supplies for our next xmas craft.

Marina and Steve said...

Thanks! I'll bet it's pretty easy to find unused albums like this at thrift stores these days, with so many people putting everything online now. What a great way to reuse materials to make holiday decorations or ornaments!